About SPPS

SPPS consultants is an experienced and competent partner in the field of environment, climate change, external safety and spatial planning as well as other environmental related topics. Through our active involvement in this arena, we are able to contribute towards a sustainable society.

SPPS is more than the sum of the parts: we achieve synergy. We combine the expertise and experience of professionals who share the same passion for this line of work. SPPS is not your typical firm with a manager and employees but has a carefully built up network of over fifty experts who are regularly involved in successful delivery of project work. In addition, due to the fact that the partners have years of experience working with a large number of business contacts, assignments can be carried out in co-operation with these contacts.

As a result we can always provide our clients with dedicated specialized staff, whereby the partner can guarantee the quality and progress of the project.

We work on a diverse range of projects. This includes research, policy evaluations, policy development as well as advice on external safety, climate & energy, spatial planning and environment.

Our diverse and extensive expertise and experience allows our clients to enjoy enthusiastic commitment, open communication and creativity. Within our professional network, we are able to quickly match the right professional resources to the client.